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We sincerely appreciate all of these kind words from our parents. We encourage you to read the reviews for Carolina Kids Child Development Center below. We are also happy to connect you with one of our current parents via e-mail or phone so you can get their feedback on what we believe is the top preschool around!

I love everything about Carolina Kids. I don’t even know where to begin! I am just so happy and thankful for them. I am at peace when I drop my child off because I know he is in good care! He has and is learning so much within his first year of being there. I just love to hear the things he say he has learn. It really amazes me! Everyone there is so helpful and nice! IT REALLY BRINGS ME JOY!!!!!

Shannell Glenn

Dear Carolina Kids,

My husband and I, sincerely appreciate the wonderful care you have given both our two daughters, Peyton and Piper over the course of the past eight years. We never had to worry about them because we know that they were always having a great day with you. Your daycare provided both with a safe environment, which is very important to us.

Your daycare is the perfect size because we feel Piper got the attention she needs to grow emotionally. In addition, we are very happy in all that she has learned before entering kindergarten. Piper leaves with fond memories, good manners (most of the time) and respect for herself and others … all due to your fine efforts. Our expectations have been exceeded with the level of care she has received from your establishment.

With this being said, it is with a heavy heart that I will be pulling Piper out June 5th. This will need to be our two week notice. June 5th will be our last day with Carolina Kids.

I cannot thank you and your staff enough for the long hours you put in everyday to care for our daughter. We wish all of you the very best and our hope is that many more children will pass through the Carolina Kids halls with the same laughter and happiness that Piper did.

Keep up the fine work each of you do … it really matters! I will continue to recommend your daycare to other parents. Please feel free to use us as a reference.


Brooke Kimbrell 5 stars - Excellent

Dear Carolina Kids –
Today happened faster than I thought it would … We moved to Fort Mill a few weeks back but there wasn’t an opening at the Fort Mill Carolina Kids. This afternoon, I just learned there is an opening and we can start Eliza in the new 4-year-old class there on Tuesday!

We are very excited about the move for our family but it is bittersweet. We will miss the Carolina Kids family in Rock Hill. Lily started when she was around 1 year old and Eliza has been here since she was around 7 weeks old. Time has flown by and we appreciate you all taking such good care of our girls.

Thanks to all the teachers and staff members who have looked out for us. This is not all but some of you (including some no longer here!) … Ms. Crystal, Ms. Barbara, Ms. Vickie, Ms. Jill, Ms. Kendra, Ms. Shea, Ms. Elizabeth, Ms. Kristen, Ms. Ann, Ms. Paige, Ms. Mandy, Ms. Debra, Ms. Carla, Ms. Amber, Ms. Erika, Ms. Kristina, Ms. Connie, Ms. Sharon, Ms. Kylie … Thank you so much!

The Sinclairs (Kate, Scott, Lily and Eliza) 5 stars - Excellent

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