After School Program

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After School Program

Age Range:
Varies by Location
Areas of Learning:

Nature and Discovery

Science Exploration

Exercise and Physical Education

Social Skill Development

Always Learning at Carolina Kids Child Development Center After School Care

In our safe, secure environment, our skilled teachers help your child set goals and prime them to continue learning, growing and laughing long after the school bell has rung. An array of engaging activities allows your child plenty of opportunities to move, socialize, and develop new skills and interests. Enriched afternoons serve as a valuable extension to your child’s elementary school experience.

Our After School Care Features:

  • Customized Learning Programs: Elementary school curriculum may be standardized, but our after school care is customized to each child’s needs, interests, and aspirations. We’ve designed each program with ages and developmental stages in mind—engaging and age-appropriate activities are available for children five through 12 years old. Whether your child’s interest is technology, sports, art, reading, drama, organized games, cooking, or science, he or she can pursue it with passion in any one of our individualized programs.
  • Outdoor Adventures & Activities: Research shows that children’s muscles, bones, and emotional health benefit from physical activity. What better place to exercise and play than in the fresh air? Teachers oversee all physical activities in the security of our safe outdoor play environments.
  • Help with Homework: Your child benefits from working closely with skilled teachers in our small class settings. Whether the subject is English, math, or science, your child receives help completing homework and working through difficult problems as needed, allowing him or her to enjoy the rest of the day—including family time in the evening.
  • Seamless School Days: To assist with your busy schedule and provide a seamless school day for your child, we offer private transportation from many neighborhood elementary schools. We’ve also aligned our after school care programs with school holiday calendars, so your child never misses a day of fun and learning.

After School Care Supports School and Life Success

High quality after school care can benefit your child in elementary school and long afterward. Research indicates that effective after school care programs can improve school attendance, classroom behavior, and academic aspirations. These characteristics can bolster academic success through high school and well into college. Spending time in after school programs also lays the foundation for healthy lifestyles, from good fitness and nutrition habits to a reduced likelihood of drug use and criminal behavior.[1] When children are surrounded by opportunities to make good choices in positive and supportive environments, they’re more likely to make better choices for the rest of their lives.